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Richard Barnes, MD

General Pediatrics
Attended University of Kansas School of Medicine, 1980-84.

Blank Children’s Hospital, Des Moines, IA, 1987

Pediatric Board Certified 1989, 1996, 2004

Involved in Cancer lab research during medical school along with his wife Dr. Mary Barnes. Studied chemotherapeutic agents and affects on cancer cell lines and tumors in rats and has several joint publications with Dr. Mary Barnes.

Special interests in behavioral pediatric medicine, ADD, adolescent depression, allergies, asthma and improving local access to healthcare for children.  He has also served on Governor Mead’s Healthcare panel in discussing Medicaid expansion in Wyoming in 2012.  Dr. Richard Barnes has successfully lobbied in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the legislature for much needed reforms to Medicaid over the last 15 years.

Dr. Richard Barnes is the past and current President of the Fremont County Medical Society, and serves on the executive board of the Wyoming Medical Society.  He also has served on the Lander Hospital board in the past and on the Joint Board for Lander and Riverton Hospitals.

Dr.s Richard and Mary Barnes came to Lander in 1996 and took over Dr. Gee’s Pediatric practice and have successfully grown it from one physician to 4 providers and expanded to Riverton with a full time office there also.  We now have one of the largest Pediatric practices in Wyoming, allowing us to provide convienent access to all children in Lander and Riverton including those relying on Medicaid as their only insurance.

Hobbies include spending time with his family (wife and 5 children, 5 grandchildren, his Great Pyrenes dog “Noah”, and cat “Tinkerbell”.  He is an acomplished photographer, and has enjoyed ranching, computers, marksmanship, camping, and technology as well as national and world politics.