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Posted on March 7, 2013

Media Violence and Aggression

Findings showed that among those who watched less than an hour of TV a day, 5.7 percent had committed a violent act that resulted in serious injury. Among those who watched one to three hours per day, 18.4 percent had been violent. Of those who watched more than three hours a day, the rate of aggression was 25.3 percent.

Visit: http://actagainstviolence.apa.org/specialtopics/mediaviolence.html to read the full article.

We discourage video games where participants kill people.  We are concerned that an entire generation is being desensitized to pulling the trigger.  In young children (under 13) they have studied physiological responses to violent movies and shown that the children respond with heart rate, preparation and stress responses AS IF THEY JUST WITNESSED A REAL EVENT even though they tell the parents that they know it is not real.  Violence at any age is bad medicine for the mind.