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Our Doctors Are On Call 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days A Week

After Hours Care

It always seems to be the case, your child gets sick on a weekend or the daycare lets you know they are ill when you pick them up after work.  Well most illnesses can be handled just fine by parents at home, or with a quick call to Grandma.  But sometimes you just need some reassurance and want to call one of our providers, hoping to avoid an expensive emergency room visit.

We are committed to providing 24/7 access to medical advice and care.  When the office is closed simply call our main number at 307-332-2185 for instructions on reaching the provider on call.  If you believe your child needs to be seen on a weekend, please call before noon to allow us to group patients together at the office around noon.  We encourage you to call us first before heading to the emergency room unless it really is a life threatening emergency–Emergency rooms are not a very efficient place to receive treatment for minor illnesses and we can usually see you in our office–your own Medical Home–and get you home in less time than you can even get a room in the ER on a weekend and for a lot less cost.  If you have a sick child in the night and want an appointment the following morning, be assured that we leave many appointment slots open each day for same day illness visits. Just call at 8am and our helpful staff will get you an appointment.