Celebrating Over 45 Years In Fremont County
Our Doctors Are On Call 24 Hours/Day, 7 Days A Week

Did You Know?


  • We have a full time office in Riverton as well as in Lander.
  • We administer one of the largest lead screening programs in Wyoming and are working with the CDC to look at its usefulness—Please do not reload ammunition in the same room where the children play or allow your children to play with antique metal toys.  If you live in an older home do not sand painted surfaces.
  • We are part of the Influenza Surveliance Network through our level 2 laboratory on site.
  • We have a nurse specialist for NICU graduate RSV prevention and Synagis administration.  If your child is a NICU graduate, ask for Robin.
  • We have a nurse specialist for Allergy Testing for children of all ages and their parents with no needles—just ask for Nancy.  If you are found to be allergic we also offer desensitization options.
  • We have a nurse specialist that administers our Immunization Program, one of the largest in Wyoming.  And you can access your child’s immunization record online on your patient portal—ask how.
  • You can message us 24 hours a day through our patient portal at www.fremontcountypediatrics.com or wyomingkidtalk.com
  • You can download your childs vaccine record through our patient portal
  • We have all the forms needed for headstart and school and sports already, you needn’t bring one but please do come with your child, don’t just drop them off, as we will have lots to talk about at those visits.
  • We can send you appointment reminders by text to your phone, or email, just let the apt desk know that is your preference.
  • Your wait time to be seen in either of our offices is usually less than 30 minutes and we leave appointment slots open just for you every day.  We should be able to offer you an appointment TODAY for acute illnesses or injury at one of our offices in either Lander or Riverton.  Please be patient during epidemics as the number of requests for services nearly doubles.
  • You are required by your and our agreement with insurance companies, to show your insurance card whenever you seek medical care and are asking the insurance company to pay for it.
  • We can help set up the collection of your newborn babies cord blood and CORD TISSUE at birth and it may be possible to use it to treat future problems that arise in YOU or siblings or the baby, including autism or cancers.  Come see our doctors for s FREE prenatal visit—it has to be arranged before the child’s birth.
  • Have you ever left the office and couldn’t remember what the Doctor said was wrong or what the recommendations were?  You can log into our portal and read your last note or check on your immunizations, from your own smartphone or computer.
  • Our Doctors include persons with special interests and expertise in Behavioral Pediatrics, Adoption, and Asthma/Allergies.
  • Our doctors are available for speaking engagements at your civic organization, let us know the topic, we will send a speaker.