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Patient-Centered Medical Home–What does it mean?

Fremont County Pediatrics has always strived to provide a medical home for it’s patients and their families.  In the last few years organizations have looked to define what we have already done by laying down specific guidelines and then measures to determine how good of a job each practice is doing at living up to these goals.  You will be seeing changes occur over the next few years as we navigate this process and we hope improve further our delivery of care and management of chronic illness in our patients.  We are beginning to link specific illness treatment plans to evidence based guidelines such as those discussed here: Evidence Based Guidelines for Treating Asthma in Pediatric Patients.  We will be adding more similar links to information throughout our website periodically that we hope will help you manage your child’s chronic medical problems along with us, working as a team and working from a similar knowledge base.  Check our Resource Page for more links.

You may have been asked to sign a letter stating that you have selected us for your medical home and we appreciate you putting your trust in our team of providers.  This letter allows us to document for reporting purposes how many patients do consider Fremont County Pediatrics as their medical home.

Are You Giving Your Child Non-Prescription Remedies or Medication?

Also, let us know if you are using over the counter medications or homeopathic treatments.  Review your information on the patient portal and tell us if the information we have on file is incomplete or inaccurate.  Good care requires a partnership between your family and our office. We appreciate your help and look forward to working with you.

We Are Still Your Medical Home After Hours

Remember:  whenever you have a question or would like to contact us, log on to your portal to send us a secure message (non-urgent) or call our main number 24/7 to speak with us or obtain information on how to contact the on-call provider (307-332-2185).  Even on evenings and weekends when the office is closed, reach out to the on-call provider first, as often we may be able to provide care in one of our offices or direct you to the place that is best suited to care for you or your child–this keeps the care within your medical home.

When You See a Specialist or Seek Emergency Care Elsewhere

We need your help to become a true Medical Home!  Please think of us as the first place to come for advice and care regarding all of your child’s health care needs.  This includes physical health, developmental assessment, emotional health or if necessary assistance with coordinating your referral to a specialist.  If you do see a specialist or go to an emergency room, please request that they send a report to us, including test results, for inclusion in your Electronic Medical Record and set up an appointment to see us for followup where we will help you understand the recommendations and assess your progress toward recovery.When you see a specialist, please ask them to send us a report so that we can make sure we are aware of all aspects of your child’s healthcare.  If we refer you to a specialist, please allow us to provide key information so that the specialist can provide the best care and advice.  Let us know if you can’t get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time.