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Posted on March 10, 2017

Turn off the educational TV for children?

In 2016 the American College of Pediatrics came out with there recommendations regarding the huge amount of TV children ingest and the adverse effects on development. There continues to be a growing amount of evidence that television changes the way a growing brain wires itself making the child unable to pay attention to sedentary activities like reading and school teachers.  The evidence is strong enough that the current recommendation is NO television/phone/ipad/computer until the child turns age 5.  After age 5 they recommend limiting the screen time to only 1 hour a day.  As we are all aware this is impossible for most families, but at least it describes what our goal should be.

If your child or adolescent does have a portable electronic device be sure the charger is in the parent’s bedroom and not the child’s.  This requires the child to surrender the device after their hour of screen time for the parent to then review and charge and give back the next day.  NO PASSWORDS kept from parents.  Electronics are a privilege not a right.

Remember the screen time limit includes any screen that glows, TV, phone, computer, ipad, etc.